What is Hexarelin

Hexarelin is classified as a peptide which helps in aiding performance-enhancing benefits. Many people actually overlook hexarelin and it is one of the more underrated peptides, however that shouldn’t be the case. Understanding the peptide and its benefits can really help a person gain benefits from it.

Instead of acting like a growth hormone, hexarelin helps in the production of it. Studies conducted have shown that hexarelin can increase the density of bone mineral, fat loss, mitosis and meiosis amongst other things.


Benefits of Hexarelin

  • Helps reduce fat
  • Improves condition of the skin
  • Improves lean body mass
  • Improves condition of the heart tissues


How it works?

Hexarelin acts like a catalyst to help circulate hormones in the body. Similar to what GHRP-6 does. However, unlike GHRP-6 it does not make users hungry. Not only does hexarelin promote the circulation and levels of growth hormones. It also blocks off somatostatin which happens to be the main cause inhibits the release of growth hormones.

Tests on hexarelin have shown an increase in plasma concentration after the injecting of the peptide. Just few hours after there was an increase in the levels of growth hormones.

The peptide is quite strong and is considered to be one of the strongest in terms of aiding the release of growth hormones. There are still research being conducted on the peptide as more and more benefits are discovered.


Long-term effects of hexarelin

A study conducted evaluated the impact of hexarelin in the long term. For a period of 16 weeks hexarelin therapy was given to a group of participants. The purpose of the study was to see the impact it had on bone mineral density and body composition. The study concluded that after the therapy there was a considerable change in growth hormones during the period of the study. It however could not conclude the actual benefit of the peptide on bone mineral density and body composition.


Side-effects of hexarelin

Introducing hexarelin to your body may cause some side effects since it is something that is new to it. Depending on how your body reacts to it, the side effect may be mild or serious. It may cause the following:

  • Bloating
  • Fingers feeling numb
  • Sensitivity to fatigue and insulin may be reduced

Since the peptide is still fairly new and more and more studies are being conducted on it. It is generally a smart approach to take some precaution towards it especially if you experience any side effects.