Energy Futures

Energy Futures: A multidisciplinary symposium for graduate students involved in ­energy ­related ­chemical research in Canada.

The organizing committee of the 95th Canadian Society for Chemistry Conference and Exhibition is pleased to announce “Energy Futures,” an afternoon symposium for outstanding chemistry ­graduate students performing energy related research - broadly defined - in any subdiscipline of chemistry.

Tuesday, May 29

Calgary TELUS Convention Centre, Macleod D

13:40    Keynote Lecture: David Layzell, FRSC, University of Calgary
Professor and Executive Director, Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy
Transforming Canada's Energy System: Challenges and Opportunities

14:00    Ashlee A. Jahnke, University of Toronto
Polytellurophenes to Bridge the Gap betweeen Organic and Inorganic Semiconductors

14:20    Christian Diaz-Urrutia, University of Ottawa
Selective C-C and C-O Bond Cleavage in Lignin Models: First Steps to Obtaining Valuable Aromatic Chemicals from Lignocellulose

14:40    Brandon Greer, University of Manitoba
Detection of Phase Heterogeneity in Complex Model Nuclear Waste Glasses Using Solid-State NMR

15:00    Brandy Kinkead, Simon Fraser University
Ordered Porous Nanostructured Thin Films of Platinum for Oxygen Reduction Reaction Electrocatalysis

15:20    Break

15:40    Rayomond Dinshaw, University of Toronto
Ultrafast Energy Transfer Dynamics in Light-Harvesting Proteins — Lessons from Nature

16:00    Kevin Shopsowitz, University of British Columbia
Chiral Mesoporous Carbon Derived from Nanocrystalline Cellulose

16:20    Jeffrey Camacho-Bunquin, University of Alberta
Low-coordinate, Homoleptic Clusters of Cobalt and Nickel. High Reactivity Base Metal Catalysts for Hydrodesulfurization and C-O Bond Hydrogenolysis

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