Divisions and Symposia

Program Chair

  • Thomas Baumgartner, University of Calgary

Program Support


See each division page for a full listing of their symposia, organizers and invited speakers (when available).

Special Symposia

This year the main conference theme is “Energizing Chemistry” with an emphasis on Energy. The following symposia have been highlighted as they fit into the overall theme:

  • ALD/CVD in Electronics, Photonics and Photovoltaics – under PT and SS
  • Chemistry Behind the Oil Sands – under IC
  • Chemistry of Oil Sands Reclamation and Monitoring – under BM and EN
  • Energy in the Chemistry Curriculum – under CE
  • Fuel Cell Materials for Clean Energy Options – under MT and PT
  • Gas Capture and Storage Materials – under IC and MT
  • Hydrogen Activation, Production and Storage – under IN
  • Microbial Chemistry of Fossil Fuels – under BM and EN
  • Molecular Design of Optical, Photonic and Electronic Materials – under IN, OR and MT
  • Polymers for Fuel Cells and Batteries – under MS and MT
  • Solar Fuels – under IN and MT

Printable One-Page Outline of all Symposia (PDF)